Granite Counter Tops


Granite Floors

Granite looks like marble but is a natural stone. The Earth’s Oldest Building Material. Granite is formed when pockets of magma trapped beneath the earth's surface slowly cool down. This process forms a stone that is available all over the world and is one of the hardest and most durable materials used in flooring today. Also available in slab and tile form, granite's distinguishing feature is its speckled coloration.

Granite Floor Tiles

Granite floor tiles or available in either a honed smooth finish or a flame textured finish, granite is a highly durable paving material available for both internal and external applications.

Why is Granite so strong?

Granites are formed of an aggregate of crystals which are molded together without any interspace between them or which enclose one another. The magnificent crystallinity of granite is a striking characteristic. The three essential minerals in granite are Feldspar, Quartz and Mica the proportions of these giving each granite its own color, texture and structural characteristics. There are also hornblende, magnetite, hematite, pyrite, zircon, garnet, corundum and other minerals may be present in smaller amounts helping unique coloration and texture of each granite deposit.

Best upgrade for kitchen or bathroom is to add granite countertops!

One of the best ways to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom is to add granite countertops.  Not only does granite add elegance and style, but is also performs well.  At Carefree Floors, we offer a wide selection of granite slabs.  We also offer the option of granite tile countertops at about half the price of slabs.  Granite countertops are custom made to fit your needs, with options like: bull-nose edges, chiseled edges, ogee edges, and more.  Ask owner, Brian Kunkel, about custom showers and tubs made with granite.  Granite is a product of nature, so all pieces are different and unique.  Adding granite to your home is a sure way to increase its value.

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